Intelligence for your home

All In One Universal Controller

Control/monitor anything in your home and out in your yard with our Next Gen controller.

The controller components consist of a gateway and smart remote nodes in a wireless mesh network that has a range of up to half a mile.


  • Long range mesh wireless with channel hopping, 99.9% reliability

  • Lower cost of installation with less wires

  • Output power source independent. Examples:

    • 24V AC – irrigation/pool valve

    • 12V AC – landscape lights

    • 110/220V AC – pump/line voltage lights

    • 3 - 6V DC (battery/solar) – sensors (soil, flow)

  • Flexible and powerful scheduling options

  • Supports multiple zones, multiple programs concurrent execution

  • Supports multiple soil/flow sensors instances

  • Astronomical clock (sunrise/sunset, dusk/dawn)

  • Access from phone app (iOS, Android) and computer (browser)