Intelligence for your home

All and Everything In One Universal Controller

Control/monitor anything in your home and out in your yard with our Next Gen controller.

Traditionally, the irrigation system consists of a controller (clock) with terminals that are connected directly with copper wires to one or more valves. For every valve, a pair of wires are routed underground from the locations of the valves back to the controller (multiwire). However, as the number of valves/zones increases, so does the cost of wires and installation. Furthermore, if any of the wires is severed, it is very difficult to repair/replace, especially if it's buried under concrete structures.

Then came 2wire technology that promised simpler/lower cost installation. However it never materialized as it requires special burial wires and delicate connectors, suffers voltage drop over long distance, and it is most dificult to repair and maintain.

We at Lumirri have addressed the issues and short comings of the existing irrigation technology with advanced wireles technology. We simply replace the wires between controller (clock) and the (valve) terminals and replace them with long range wireless. Without long wire runs, our controller can reduce wiring and installation cost significantly.

The controller components consist of a gateway and smart remote nodes in a wireless mesh network that has a range of up to half a mile (longer range can be achieved.)

Each smart remote node has its own IPV6 address and is addressable from any node in the network, making (two way) commnunications between multiple nodes possible, including transmission of complex data from/to each node. Furthermore, with the de-coupling of the input (clock) and output (terminals), our controller is able to control any device remotely that is powered by any power source, whether it's AC (12 - 120V) or DC (3 - 6V). With such low voltage requirement, the remote nodes can run on battery or solar panel.


  • Long range mesh wireless with channel hopping, 99.9% reliability

  • Lower cost of installation with less wires

  • Support up to 50 remote nodes in the mesh network (maximum 400 irrigation zones!)

  • Output power source independent

    • 24V AC – irrigation/pool valve

    • 12V AC – landscape lights

    • 110/220V AC – pump/line voltage lights

    • 3 - 6V DC (battery/solar) – sensors (soil, flow), latching solenoid

    • Future smart nodes TBD (dimmer/RGB, garage door/gate, and more)

  • Flexible and powerful scheduling options

  • Unlimited programs. Unlimited start times

  • Supports multiple zones, multiple programs concurrent execution

  • Supports multiple soil/flow sensors per system

  • Supports multiple master valves/pumps per system

  • Astronomical clock (sunrise/sunset, dusk/dawn)

  • Cloud based. Access from phone app (iOS, Android) and computer (browser)

  • Supports contractor/friend access from phone app